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Milk Laddu (Ladoo)

Milk Laddu is highle delicious laddu that is prepared by sweetened condensed milk powder and multiple other essential ingredients that is prepared with many few ingredients, primarily sugar and milk along with the little touch of sourness in it. Milk Cake is a two layer cake that was possibly originated from the Mid-Atlantic States. Milk cake is then frosted with mocha icing for adding more taste to it. Milk cake generally takes hours to cook and can be prepared eaily and quickly. Typically, Milk Cake is prepared by boiling large amount of milk for long hours till it becomes mava. It is then cooked with good

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Barfi is a dense milk based sweet that is highly popular in India. Burfi oriinally is a traditional and classic sweet of India that is prepared during special occassions and festivals. There exists many famous varities of burfi including kaju barfi, besan barfi, sing barfi and pista barfi. The plain barfi is made with two maing ingredients sugar and condensed milk. These two main ingredients are then cooked together in a vessel until the whole mixture of sugar and milk gets solified. To enhance the flavour of Barfi, different fruits and nuts are added to it like mango, coconut, peanut, pistanchio and cashew. For enhancing its outer look, it gets coated with an edible metallic leaf.

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Malai Peda

Milk Peda is a popular Indian Sweet that is made with mava or khoya and evaporated milk. This is an alternative version preparing peda with the condensed milk. This process of making peda is super quick and it takes maximum three minutes to get ready in microwave oven. Apart from the condensed milk, ghee/butter and milk powder are also added in the milk pedas.  There is no requirement of adding sugar to it as this dish comes from the one who does not like much sweetness in the sweets. Milk Peda when gets ready it looks like soft milk fudge with a slightly grainy texture. The word peda stands for the round balls made from any dough or khoya. Milk Peda is an oldest traditional Indian sweet dating back for centuries.

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